Christin and Greg – Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Video

Christin and Greg got married in September 2011 at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Stevensville, Maryland. The ceremony and reception both took place at the club. This is an awesome location with beautiful scenery of the Chesapeake Bay and Bay Bridge right out the reception hall windows.

This fabulous couple has one of my favorite wedding stories of all time because of the adversity that they fought through to pull off their dream wedding. First, let me tell you that their wedding was originally supposed to be several weeks earlier in August 2011. However, on the day of their wedding, Hurricane Irene struck Maryland.

As an aside, I have several friends in the wedding industry who told me that they actually worked that day in the middle of the hurricane. And indeed I had planned to. I remember being on the phone with the wedding coordinator several times that Friday getting updates on the plans. They had thought about moving everything earlier in the day to get finished before the really rough weather came through. Alas, it came down to the decision by Queen Anne’s County (where Chesapeake Bay Beach Club is located) to evacuate, so the wedding had to be postponed.

It was set to several weeks later on a Friday evening. However, this evening, the area again received torrential rain storms, making travel, especially around the Bay Bridge difficult. Again, Christin and Greg’s wedding had to be delayed… but this time only for a few hours. The pastor who was marrying the couple got stuck on one side of the bridge and could not make it in time. This allowed for some creative rearranging – The couple moved the cocktail hour before the ceremony and were eventually married a couple of hours after they originally intended when the pastor finally made it across.

But the greatest part – through it all Christin and Greg seemed happy. They didn’t care – never complained – nothing but smiles all night. They knew their time would come for their love to be united, and indeed, it did. I even featured their story in an article I wrote for Perfect Wedding Guide.

Take a look at their Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Video and let us know what you think.


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