Nick and Molly – Radisson Lord Baltimore Wedding Video

As we continue to catch up in the postings of all of the venues we have filmed at, so that you may search our website by venue, we come to Nick and Molly. This is very good timing to post this wedding because despite the fact that their Radisson Lord Baltimore wedding video was filmed back in 2011, we are about to film Molly’s sister’s wedding coming up in August 2015. Like Molly’s sister, Molly and her husband’s wedding ceremony took place at The Baltimore Basilica, which is the country’s first cathedral. It’s full name is The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a Catholic church located in Baltimore, Maryland. You’ll see from their full length highlights reel, that the cathedral is beautifully ornate. A full restoration was completed a few years ago, but then further work had to be done following an earthquake a couple of years after that. You’ll see in the video, it was well worth the wait – a beautiful venue for a wedding.

Nick and Molly’s wedding reception followed at the Radisson Lord Baltimore Hotel, an historic venue also located in downtown Baltimore, MD. What will strike you about this ballroom when you enter it is the size. It is huge and the perfect place for a large wedding with many guests plus a band, all of which Nick and Molly had. There is also a balcony one floor up that overlooks the dance floor – a great location to get photos and video. We hope you get a sense of the space and possibilities by viewing their Full Wedding Highlights video.

What was also unique about this wedding film for us was that it was our first fore’ into the Wedding Trailer offering. Our Wedding Trailer is a shorter, more succinct version of our Wedding Highlights, something quick and easy to share with friends and family. Moly had requested such a video, and although we had never done one before, we agreed in order to win her business. Little did we know that a new offering was born. In actuality, a regular offering of a Wedding Trailer didn’t come until a few years later, but is now one of our most popular options. Our Wedding Trailers today look much different than back then, but I hope you enjoy this throwback version.


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