The Lord Baltimore Hotel – Nick and Molly’s Wedding Video

Nick and Molly were married in June 2001. The wedding ceremony took place at The Baltimore Basilica, which is the country’s first cathedral. It’s full name is The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a Catholic church located in Baltimore, Maryland. You’ll see from their full length highlights reel, that the cathedral is beautifully ornate. A full restoration was completed a few years ago, but then further work had to be done following an earthquake a couple of years after that. You’ll see in the video, it was well worth the wait – a beautiful venue for a wedding.

Nick and Molly’s wedding reception followed at The Lord Baltimore Hotel, an historic venue owned by Radisson, and also located in downtown Baltimore, MD. I’m not sure how many different rooms the venue has available for weddings. I have filmed a number of weddings there and they are always in the main ballroom, so it might be the only area that can hold a wedding in the hotel. But I will say, it is a very large room, perfect if you are having a large number of guests, but still want lots of room. I would guess Nick and Molly had over 300 guests and a full band, but the room still accommodates a huge dance floor and plenty of space for guests to move around.

There is also a balcony above the room that offers great views of the dance floor as the evening wears on. This is definitely an upscale venue.

Please enjoy Nick and Molly’s wedding video and let us know what you think of both The Baltimore Basilica and The Lord Baltimore Hotel. Please call us at 410-929-5170 to find out about availability on your wedding date or request more information about our services, including packages and pricing.


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