Wedding Nightmare – Fight Breaks Out at Wedding in Philadelphia

If you haven’t heard about it yet on Saturday, October 6th, 2012 a fight broke out at a posh hotel in Philadelphia between two different wedding parties. Reports originally suggested that there were two weddings going on in the hotel at the same time and when guests of both parties began mingling at the hotel bar, heated words were exchanged, a fight broke out, and you can see the chaos that ensued in this video:

The latest reports are saying that, in fact, some of the guests were staying at the hotel but that the wedding venue had been somewhere else and they were returning from the reception held earlier in the day. They began mixing with guests from a wedding actually being held at the hotel and, well, you can see the result. One man, an uncle of one of the brides, had a heart attack outside the hotel and passed away. You can also see one of the brides right in the mix of things in the video. The shooter of the video actually questions whether or not police hit the young lady, but it is unclear from the video and I have not heard any confirmed reports as of this writing.

Because I am a wedding videographer, people have asked me my opinion and whether or not I’ve ever seen anything remotely close to that, and the answer is “no”.

But my opinion is that my heart goes out to both of the brides involved with the events of that evening. I know from my experience the time, preparation, heart, and soul that goes into planning the perfect wedding day that these couples have dreamed about.

I’m sure both of the wedding ceremonies were beautiful and the day probably started exactly as planned. The vows and rings were exchanged, unity candles were lighted, first kisses were shared, the couples walked down the aisle to cheers. I’m sure the joy was immense.

Then suddenly all of those hopes and dreams were permanently dashed and scarred by the actions of a few select guests who forgot that the day wasn’t about them and they shouldn’t have let pride or a few misplaced words ruin a lifetime of planning. And worse, a man lost his life, and a bride lost her uncle. What was supposed to be the most joyous time in one’s life turned tragic. The media has already latched onto this story because of the dichotomy between the way the story was supposed to play out and the way that it did, but I hope that fact that dreams were forever altered is not forgotten.


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