Video Booth

Memories of Your Guests Forever Captured!

In Motion Video’s newest offering to enhance memories of your wedding day! You want to not only see the people at your wedding in a video or photographs, but wouldn’t it be great to HEAR them as well? Hear them share stories, memories, anecdotes or just well-wishes? Of course, it would!

However, you don’t want to bother your guests by putting a camera in their face, putting them on the spot, and making them uncomfortable. Our new video booth lets your guests leave messages at their own leisure, by walking up to our video booth when they want, pressing a button, and leaving a lasting memory for you to see and hear for years to come.

Customize our Classic Package with the Video Booth at a reduced rate or order the booth by itself INSTEAD of hiring a wedding videographer. Either way, you will be able to fondly remember your wedding in another exciting way!

Each booth includes the Video Booth for 4 hours, an operator, and a DVD of the messages delivered to you by the time you get back from your honeymoon.

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