Can I get a customized quote for my wedding video?

Yes. Visit this page and fill out the form. We’ll get right back to you within 24 hours with customized pricing for your wedding videography needs.

What differentiates you from other wedding video companies?

For the value that you get, we are the best videographers in the Baltimore area. We are professional, creative, and best of all, affordable. You may be able to find someone cheaper, but the quality won’t be as good. And this is one of the most precious keepsakes you’ll have from your wedding day. Don’t you want it to be the best it can be? And sure you can pay more, but why would you when you can get the same or better quality from us for less?

How long have you been in business?

In Motion Video has been in business since 2002.

What will you wear on the day of the wedding?

We dress and act professionally on your wedding day. Shirt, tie, slacks and jacket.

Do you videotape weddings in high definition?

Yes. We only use the latest high definition technology. Those are the only cameras we own so there is no additional cost. We also now offer Ultra-High Definition at three times the resolution of high definition for an additional cost, if you are interested.

Do you charge more for filming my wedding in high definition?

No. None of our packages or pricing contains hidden fees.

Do you charge for travel?

We do not charge for travel within 40 miles of our address. 

What is your shooting style?

We use a documentary style approach. We hang out in the background getting the best shots without being intrusive. We don’t pose you or set up shots. Most couples tell us they didn’t even know we were there.

Do you have backups of all of your equipment?


Can I see samples of your work?

Yes. We have hundreds of samples on our Vimeo Channel. You can also schedule a no-obligation,  in-person consultation,  where you can look at some of our recent work, which will give you the best idea of the true quality of our work. It will also give us an opportunity to discuss your wedding plans in more detail. Call us at 410-929-5170.

How much do your wedding packages cost?

We offer one, affordably-priced package, the Classic Package, which you can then customize to meet your needs and budget. Pricing is based on three things: the number of hours of coverage you want, the number of videographers you want, and whether or not you want a highlights reel included. Request a free brochure with a pricing estimate guide or request a written proposal.

What is the difference between the wedding highlights and the “raw” footage?

We offer three highlight reel options. All of them are compilation montages of all of the highlights of your wedding day put to music of your choice. Here are some samples. The “raw” footage is not edited and contains the natural sound from your day. It is basically EVERYTHING we shoot on your wedding day. You’ll be pretty busy on your wedding day. The “raw” footage is a chance to go back and see all of those precious and funny moments that you may miss.

How long will my highlights video be?

The Full Wedding Highlights is approximately 20 minutes long. The Wedding Trailer is approximately 7 minutes long. The Wedding Short is approximately 4 minutes long.

Who picks out the music for my wedding highlights?

You do. 

Will my DVDs come with navigational menus?

The Full Wedding Highlights DVD will have navigational menus. You’ll be able to jump to your favorite wedding highlight immediately.

How will my DVDs be packaged?

Your DVDs will come nicely packaged as if purchasing a movie from a Hollywood studio.

Will I get a copy of my entire ceremony?

Yes. You will get a DVD of your entire ceremony from start to finish with all of the natural sound. We use two cameras to give you complete coverage. Relive the most important part of your day over and over.

Will I get to see a copy of my wedding video before it is final?

Yes. We are one of the few videographers in the area who offer you the chance to see your highlights video before we finalize everything. We send you a private link to a website where the first version of your video will be posted. You can request any revisions to your video at this time. We keep working on your video until you are happy with it. (Shhhh… Most people love their video the first time).

When will I receive my wedding DVDs?

After you have selected the songs you would like in your wedding highlights DVD, we ask that you give us 60 days to work on it and get an approval copy to you. If you only are getting the “raw” footage, a DVD of your ceremony and a DVD of all other footage will be delivered within 60 days of your wedding.

How will you record the vows and ring exchange?

We use two high quality wireless microphone. Listen to our samples to get an idea of the true quality.

Will you use lights at the ceremony and reception?

We will not use lights at the ceremony. It would take away from the sanctity of the event. Using the ambient light available is where our experience really pays dividends. For the reception, we may use a small light occasionally, but also have cameras that work amazing in practical darkness.

Do you do wedding photography?

No. We strictly focus on one craft, videography. That’s why we’re so good at it! We do have photographers who we work with and can put together a photography/videography package to fit your budget.

Are there photographers you prefer to work with?

There are many great photographers in the area and we enjoy working with all of them. There are a few that we feel completely comfortable recommending because they do quality work and you will find those listed on our preferred vendors page.

Do you need to talk with the photographer to coordinate things?

We have a history of getting along well with all wedding photographers. If we haven’t worked with your wedding photographer, we will contact your photographer via telephone right before your wedding day to introduce ourselves, explain what to expect from us, and hear their plans for shooting your wedding day.


“All images on this site are taken from weddings we have filmed and are copyright In Motion Video”