Client Reviews

Christina and Joshua

“An amazing wedding video”

We wanted to thank you so much for putting together such an amazing wedding video! We loved the way you blended all of the big events from the day together on our “highlights” DVD. You captured such unbelievable moments for us and we really appreciate all of your hard work. It was so nice reliving all of the wonderful memories from our wedding day. Thank you!

Kim and Dave

“Amazing wedding videography”

Thank you so much for your amazing wedding videography. I have watched the highlights over and over again and enjoy it each time just as much as the first time. You did such an awesome job matching the music to the footage. From the beginning of the whole process to the day of the wedding you were so wonderful to deal with. We will most definitely recommend you to all of our friends who are getting married. Thanks for everything. Sincerely.

Ashley Hugel

“The video…will be watched for many, many years to come”

Thank you for everything you did on our special day! You were amazing and barely noticed by Ronnie, I or our guests. The video brings back the full emotion of the day and will be watched for many, many years to come. Your quickness was super appreciated also. I am so happy we went with your company and we will recommend you to all future bride and grooms we know. We cannot thank you enough.

Kristen and Ryan

“It is absolutely perfect”

OMG! Our wedding video is amazing! Ryan and I both watched it and there is nothing we want to change about it. It is absolutely perfect. Thank you sooooo much for capturing all the great moments of our wedding day and making this something we will be able to cherish the rest of our lives. You’re soooooo amazing at what you do and I will tell everyone I know and everyone that will listen about you and your company. Thank you again for everything you did for us!

Katie and Jeremy

“My family has fallen in love with our wedding video”

We received our wedding videos Saturday evening and are so pleased! They really came out better than I would have ever expected. Thank you so much for participating in our wedding and for capturing all of the memorable moments. My family has fallen in love with our wedding video. Thanks again Gene


“I will definitely recommend you to everyone”

I received the videos today and we just watched the highlights video. It was fantastic! I loved it and the music selection was perfect. You did such a wonderful job and I’m so happy that you were there. It gave us an opportunity to relive the day and this is so important to me. I will definitely recommend you to everyone. Thanks again for everything. Keep in touch.

Nicole and Will

“The video really helps to remember our special day”

Our video came today! As soon as the mail lady dropped it off, Will and I ran downstairs to watch it. We love it! You did an amazing job editing. You have some really cool effects. Pictures are great to have, but the video really helps to remember our special day. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I couldn’t have asked for a better video! Thank you!

Amy Jo and Tommy

“The quality was outstanding”

I cannot thank you enough for the work you did on our wedding video! We watched it last night and were both so impressed-the quality was outstanding, sound was amazing and overall, very, very professionally done! Thank you so much! Fondly.


“Watching it all again was wonderful”

Last night it seemed my husband and I attended our daughter’s wedding for the first time. We had a fantastic time. The night of October 3rd went by so fast that I don’t really remember much, so watching it all again was wonderful.

Ashley and Chris

“You really captured our special day”

We just finished our wedding video DVD. It was amazing! You really captured our special day. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and speedy service. It was a nice surprise to come home to see the DVDs. Thanks.

Emily and Nathan

“You were the vendor that we were most impressed with”

We received the DVDs in the mail yesterday and watched the highlights DVD last night. What a blessing! It was so incredible. After thinking over the wedding day, you were the vendor that we were most impressed with as far as how professional you were on the wedding day. We hoped we were as pleased with the videos. You totally exceeded our expectations! In planning a wedding everything feels so expensive when money is tight, but it was nice to feel like a service we paid for was worth it and better than we imagined. I called my parents and told them how pleased we were and they can’t wait to see it. It was wonderful all the songs that you chose. You did an incredible job editing the video, which I am sure is more work than we know. I feel like you picked highlights that we would have. It feels like you really knew what would be the most special to us. We are so thankful and excited to have such an incredible wedding video. We felt like we were there all over again and I am sure it will


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