Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages And Pricing Simplified

In Motion Video's package and pricing structure has recently changed. We have simplified our offerings to include one basic package that we call "The Classic"

This package includes all of the filming of your day as well as copies of the ceremony and the "raw" footage. For those who want us to film the day and give you a record for posterity, this is the perfect package for you.

For those who'd like a little more - for example, an edited highlights reel, we have a few different options to choose from that can be added onto "The Classic". You can also customize "The Classic" in other ways to meet your exact needs and wedding days plans.  (See the "Wedding Highlight Options" and "Additional Options" sections for more details).

"The Classic" comes with 7 hours of coverage. You can use those 7 hours however you'd like. For example, to include the bridal preparations. Or maybe you're having a special send off you want us to capture. You can also add additional hours if you need longer coverage, or reduce the number of hours if you don't need 7 hours. This really makes sure you only pay for what you need.

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"The Classic"
- 7 hours of coverage
- 1 videographer 
- 1 camera coverage of the bridal preparations (if desired) 
- 2 camera coverage of the ceremony 
- 1 camera coverage of the reception 
- Digital download of the ceremony 
- Digital download of the "raw" footage
Wedding Highlight Options
Add These edited highlights To "The Classic" To Customize Your Wedding Video Package: 

- Full Wedding Highlights 
- Wedding Trailer 
- Wedding Short
Each Full Wedding Highlights, Wedding Trailer, and Wedding Short is customized for you to include music of your selection. A “Director’s Cut” will be sent to you for approval or changes prior to finalizing your wedding film. 
Additional Options
Customize "The Classic" in Other ways
- Additional hours beyond 7
- 2nd videographer
- Aerial/Drone footage
- Upgrade to Ultra-High Definition
- Video Message Station
- DVD copies
- Upgrade to Blu-Ray Discs
- Falling in Love Documentary
- Live Streaming
- 360 degree video
- Photo Montage

Description of Services

Digital download of the ceremony – will be the length of the actual ceremony and include all of the natural sound. We always shoot the ceremony using two cameras (regardless of the number of videographers) and multiple wireless microphones. We edit the ceremony using the two cameras giving you a seamless film of your ceremony from start to finish. Great to share with family and close friends!

Digital download of "raw” Footage – includes everything we shoot, unedited, with the natural sound and includes such highlights as the introductions, toasts, dances, and all of the special moments. Great for the couple and their parents to see those moments they might miss during their busy wedding day.

 “Full Wedding Highlights” -  Our most popular offering! A documentary of your wedding day from start to finish put to music, approximately 30 minutes in length, capturing all of the highlights. Great to share with all of your family and friends so they can relive your day in a fun and emotional way. Includes a digital download of the final video.

“Wedding Trailer” – a 7-9 minute recap of all the important moments of your day put to music. Quick and fun! Includes a digital download of the final video.

“Wedding Short” – One song = All the highlights of your wedding day! Includes a digital download of the final video.

Ultra-High Definition – Your wedding filmed entirely in Ultra-High Definition, resolution 3x greater than regular High-Definition. Includes free upgrade to Blu-Ray disks, if desired.

Video Message Station – Let your guests leave well wishes at their own leisure by walking up to the booth when they want and recording a lasting memory to see and hear for years to come. Includes booth for 4 hours, an operator, and a DVD of the messages.

Falling in Love Documentary – We spend half a day with you before the wedding day doing interviews with the two of you about how you fell in love. Then, we visit two or three places that were important to you and to your love story. Then we create a 5-7 minute documentary about how you fell in love. You can even play it at the wedding if you’d like!

Live Streaming – Stream any part of your wedding day that you would like friends and relatives who can’t attend to see, anywhere in the world.

360 ° video –Imagine being able to control the camera to view your wedding from any angle. Want to see any of your guest’s reaction during your first dance? Spin the camera around and take a look!

Aerial footage – Beautiful scenic shots from our HD aerial drone shots of your wedding day.


“All images on this site are taken from weddings we have filmed and are copyright In Motion Video”