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Please enjoy a few samples of our work here on this page. To see a full demo of our video samples and discuss our work in more detail, please call us at 410-929-5170 or e-mail gene@inmotionvideo.com. Are you looking for a video that we filmed at the venue where you are getting married? If you’d like to see more samples of our work, there are plenty more online for you to view. Your first option is to go to our online video gallery at BaltimoreWeddingVideography.com. Alternatively, you can visit our Vimeo Channel.

There are three types of wedding videos you will see: Our long-form 20-23 minute Full Wedding Highlights, our music videoesque 7-9 minute Wedding Trailer and our quick fun Wedding Short. You can order one or any combination of these. We suggest looking at the different types of video to determine what kind you would like or if you just can’t do without all of them! Want more information about In Motion Video, including packages and pricing?

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“All images on this site are taken from weddings we have filmed and are copyright In Motion Video”